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Situated in Moka, in the fresh and lush climate of central Mauritius, the famous residence "Eureka" was built during the French colonial period and once belonged to a very well known Mauritian family. The main part of the estate has been turned into a museum, and offers guided tours through the magnificent colonial house, its lush gardens and down to the cascading river.
As they aim to let guests experience an extended glimpse of history, Eureka House offers three self catering guesthouses on the premises; situated in the vicinity of the residence in a quiet corner of the vast gardens and "off the beaten track".
Hosting two adults, the guest houses reflect the famous touch of the past in combination with modern amenities, including well equipped kitchenettes and bathrooms with WC/shower. Breakfast is included, and lunch and dinner can be ordered separately or taken in the restaurants on the premises.
The guesthouses offer a calm and inspiring atmosphere, a reflection of Eureka's former proprietors who were poets and writers.

About Us

Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd (LRT) is a local tour operator who join forces with in order to reach more people interested in the nature sights of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island and to provide real eco tourism and related services to them.

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